another day - Alma & Aila i Bilka

here's a little video..
Alma & I went to Bilka the other day. We had a lot of fun there (as you can see) and we collected a couple of clips that i've been pulling together, into a vlog.

the reason why i'm whriting in english is 'cause I figured that if i'm whriting in english, then maybee the followers will be (bigger) i guess. 'cause almost everyone understands english.. of course there will be some posts in danish as well. but I think i wanna spend more time on my posts, so why not whrite english? but i still thinks Alma is whriting in danish. that's the good thing about being two on a blog :)

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we really enjoy reading every singel comment that you write to our posts♥
thx a lot!

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